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I Am Humanity's End

Kigaeno Moondancer
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This journal is part of humanity_ooc and humanity_scenes. It is a character or role play journal for the primary villian of that RP community.

Kigaeno Moondancer:
Master of necromacy, black magic, and very undead himself, though why he is animate is a question even to him. A mystery from the past that none has dared to speak of for generations, and now all those who would speak of him are no more.

Above image and icon art by Ragchow!

Weapon: Moondancer Staff
Raven familiars/spies
Standard BM Spells: Bio, Blizzaga, Break, Death, Demi, Doomsday, Comet, Firaga, Flare, Hastega, Meteor, Merton, Meteo, Muddle, Osmose, Poison, Quake, Quarter, Sleep, Slowga, Stop, Thunderga, Ultima, Wateraga, WWind
Standard WM Spells: Blink, Float, Protect, Reflect, Scan, Shell, Vanish, Warp, no healing or life magics
Also has the ability to Gate and raise dead. His Raise is not like 'Life', in that the result is not them being alive. Furthermore it is possible for a raised character to be brought 'back to life' through extraordinary efforts.
Strengths: Immunity to shadow damage, poison damage, and instant kills; still affected by spells like Slow. I will not have him successfully use instant kill spells on player characters.
Overdrive/Trance/Limit Break/Desperation Attack: Unknown
Weaknesses: He's undead. Figure it out :P